I have extensive experience of working with young people who have struggled to maintain a placement in mainstream or specialist schools. For five years I worked 1-1 with young people in Foster Care whilst employed by Wiltshire Virtual School / Aspire House.   
Frequently attachment issues have been at the root of difficulties experienced. The young people I have worked with often have a range of additional needs that stem from emotional and behavioural difficulties, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Aspergers and severe anxiety. Often they have suffered neglect and abuse in the formative years of their life and have not experienced a settled home or school life.
My approach is to see each person as unique, to be aware of the need to respond to every moment and situation with flexibility and an open mind, to learn from each person and adapt my teaching accordingly. 
I have been called in to work with many young people at the point where their relationship with their educational placement has broken down – either they need support within the school or an alternative provision outside the school environment.  
I work patiently to build up a trusting and accepting relationship with the young person in question –  at first, with what they are prepared and able to give. I try to find a subject or interest that they are passionate about as a way in, using creativity as a basis to develop learning and communication skills, self esteem, social and emotional skills, and effective behaviours and boundaries.
As the trust grows I have usually been able to encourage young people to embrace core subjects  such as Maths and English, in order to prepare for their next educational placement, for courses, qualifications and college entry.  
If you are a parent, foster carer or school and are responsible for a young person that is struggling with their education, and would benefit from the approach that I have outlined, then do get in touch.  
See Testimonials section for feedback on 1-1 alternative provision teaching 
email: info@lukeflorio.co.uk  / phone: 07504 117 315

A DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) certificate is available for viewing on request. 

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