Work by Graphic Design BTEC National Diploma students, College of West Anglia. Exploring individual and group identity.
Relentless drinks can design by BTEC National Diploma Graphic Design students. Students were given a theme to explore and had to make visual links to this style, e.g. London Underground, El Lissitsky, Heinz Edelmann / 60s Psychedelia. Photoshop tools were used to wrap the flat, finished design around a photograph of a blank can.
Digital Portrait
Work by Photography BTEC National Diploma students, College of West Anglia. Painstakingly crafted by outlining each facet of light or shade with the bezier / pen tool in Photoshop,  and then sampling tones and values from the source photo and building up layers. Subsequent experimentations were informed by research into artists and styles such as 'A Scanner Darkly', Anime, Andy Warhol and Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. 
Adobe Photoshop Screen Splash
Students were assigned a Pantone colour. They first researched associations, meaning and symbolism of their given colour before embarking on two designs – exploring the potential of layers in Photoshop.
Work by Year 8 students, Downham Market Academy.  After discussing the nature of gargoyles, reading poetry and looking at images, students produced imaginary creatures by collaging magazine cuttings.  They then made drawings on coloured sugar paper, and were limited to using two tones of pencil. The final pieces were made in clay and once fired, students gathered earth from the school premises and rubbed it in to their models to accentuate form and texture and give an aged feel.  
Our Times
Work by Photography BTEC National Diploma students, College of West Anglia Newspaper articles covering topical issues formed the starting point for experimentation with mono-printing  and digital manipulation in Photoshop
Mixed media self portrait
Year 8 Students, Downham Market Academy. The original drawings were done on coloured paper with black and white pencil to suggest highlights and shadows. The pictures were then scanned and students experimented with image adjustments and filters in Photoshop.
Book covers
BTEC National Diploma Photography students, College of West Anglia. The brief was to choose a book that has been a source of inspiration - that had lived on in the student's mind after reading, and to develop visual interpretations using photography / handmade imagery and digital techniques.
CD Sleeve
BTEC National Diploma Photography students Brief: To redesign the album artwork for a band or musician of the student's choice.
Work by Photography BTEC National Diploma students inspired by David Hockney and comparing traditional and digital techniques.
1-1 teaching with Young People in Foster Care
Work with young people in foster care, from 5 - 16 years of age, and across a range of subjects – from Art & Design to Maths, English, Science and Cookery!
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