Graphic Design & Illustration 
During my career as national project manager, author and publicist for a wide range of young people's charities,  Luke's contribution consistently exceeded the commissioners' expectations.  Much of his work included designing front covers, illustrations and typesetting for books, CDs and training manuals – targeted at disadvantaged young people and youth workers, across Europe and beyond.  
At times he was required to work to very tight deadlines in testing situations.  His love and passion for his work was always demonstrated - by his ability to produce imaginative work, whilst holding the balance between minute detail, the bigger picture and funders' requirements. Luke was open minded, whilst contributing very interesting ways to communicate sensitive information about issues of profound significance to young people and those guiding them. 

I have known Luke for many years; he is passionate about his own art and his work with others. I am an artist and paint in a variety of styles ranging from still life and portraits to abstracts. It felt quite a challenge to get a website which featured all aspects of my paintings, but Luke achieved this far beyond my hopes!
I had one-to-one graphic design tutoring with Luke for over six months to help me improve my Photoshop skills and overall design thinking, and I would absolutely recommend him. I found Luke to be experienced, patient and a very supportive teacher. We worked through a different topic each week, moving at a pace that was right for me, and I went away with exercises to practice after each session. Luke's warm and encouraging approach really helped build up my confidence and knowledge in graphic design, which ultimately started me on the path of becoming a freelance designer. I can't recommend him enough!
RHIANNON ADLER / Rhiannon Designs 

I had the pleasure of being tutored by Luke during my time at college. Luke was always very friendly and approachable and nothing was ever too much trouble, he was very knowledgeable and on hand for any questions we may have had. Luke was very patient when teaching and he would always ensure we all understood the subject matter before moving on.
Luke’s passion for art and design was inspiring and encouraged me to push my own creativity - we all respected and valued Luke’s input and opinions on our work which I think was amplified by the fact that he is a talented, practising, artist and designer. I am very grateful to have been tutored by Luke and he had a huge impact on my early education in graphic design. 
(College of West Anglia - Class of 2005)
LUKE COKER / Director & Designer - Charles Whalley Advertising Limited
I had the pleasure of working with Luke for eight years at the College of West Anglia in King’s Lynn where he became an invaluable member of our team – delivering Digital Imaging teaching as part of the BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design.  Luke is conscientious, reliable and self-sufficient, able to work within existing constraints and to approach topics from unconventional angles too. He is genuine and likeable which allows him to build easy rapport with students and colleagues alike, inspiring students with his enthusiasm and drive.
CHRISTOPHER SKINNER / Previous Course Director, BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design at College of West Anglia. Currently Graphic Designer, illustrator and owner at Lestaret

Luke worked with our son Logan (then aged 7/8) for 2-3 days a week for around 9 months at Aspire House / Wiltshire Virtual School. 

He very quickly caught on to Logan's abilities and interests (geography, map reading etc.) and really used these interests to bring out the best in Logan. He created games, quizzes and activities especially to use these skills which built up Logans confidence and self esteem. He also bought in resources tailored to Logans skills. Luke used cooking, IT, maps and games as well as outdoor activities like football and trampolining. 
Always with a learning objective in mind, Luke was flexible and would read Logan's mood to decide on an activity or way to achieve these learning objectives, even if under the radar - for example cooking pancakes and using the recipe for reading practice. 

Logans behaviour could be quite challenging at times but I never saw Luke be anything other than calm and patient with him while maintaining authority. 

At the time Logan had just come out of full time main-stream education and was feeling very vulnerable and unsettled. The 1-1 support that Luke gave him helped get him on an emotional even keel, made him feel safe and prepared him to go back into the classroom again. Luke was also supportive and understanding with the wider family and was a pleasure to work with. 

Peter had been Head of the Design Department at the BBC between 1975-88. When he retired he ventured into design using digital media.  All went well until he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and then with Dementia. He wanted to carry on with his design work on the computer but needed help as he was forgetting crucial aspects. I suggested that we ask for Luke’s help and he was very willing to help in all ways asked of him.  Using an application called Team Viewer, that enables two people to see each other’s desktops remotely,  Luke was able to help Peter with what he had forgotten.  Without Luke’s very patient help,  Peter would have had to give up his design work.  As it was he was able to continue for much longer.  We were both so grateful to Luke.

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